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Agency Profiles

Keller Stonebraker Insurance Inc., Maryland

Kent Reynolds
There aren’t many agencies that can claim more than 100 years of service, but the roots of Maryland agency Keller Stonebraker go back to 1901.  Started in Hagerstown, Maryland, Keller Stonebraker now has four locations throughout Maryland and one in West Virginia.

   “Our growth accelerated in the 1980’s and 1990’s through both organic growth and acquisitions,” said agency CEO, Kent Reynolds, “and then we took a big step forward when we merged with HTG in 2009. We have more than doubled in size since then and we have aggressive growth goals for the next five years as well.”
   With total agency premium approaching $100 million, Keller Stonebraker’s goal is to become one of the largest independent agencies in Maryland. The relationship with Iroquois, though unusual for an agency of this size, will help them achieve their goal.  Kent Reynolds sees his relationship with Iroquois as that of a mutually beneficial partnership.  “Developing a relationship with Iroquois can be as important to an agency as their relationship with their leads carriers,” said Kent. Over the past few years he has consolidated more business to Iroquois for the greater financial rewards that Iroquois provides. 

   “Keller Stonebraker is a perfect example of what the Iroquois Preferred Member Agreement can do for a very large agency,” said Iroquois Regional Manager, Lindy Bane.  “The agency has the potential to earn more than 100% of their share of profit sharing from Iroquois carriers and, because of our size and historic profitability, Iroquois can reach profit sharing levels that even $100 million agencies have difficulty reaching.”

   Lindy noted that the agency has taken advantage of Carrier Business Building dollars and free Commercial Leads, and has benefited from Iroquois’ preferred commission schedules with two carriers that they would not have qualified for on their own.

   Kent thinks his Iroquois connection also brings an added measure of support in his relationship with his carriers.  “No matter how much you grow with a carrier, they always want more.  Iroquois’ National Account status with its core carriers adds a greater dimension to our relationship with our carriers, and that can be very beneficial.”

The Lunar Agency, Pennsylvania

At $5M+ in written premium, the Lunar Agency, located in Newton Square, Pennsylvania, increased their contingency revenue by an additional 30% in each of the last 3 years.  The agency enjoys the additional revenue, their continued independence and the autonomy to choose how they best partner with Iroquois. 
Learn more about the Lunar Agency and how they have partnered with Iroquois to strengthen their agency and increase their revenue and  agency value.

Paul Megginson of Risk Management Partners

insurance agencyLocated in Flowood, Miss., Risk Management Partners is a $15 million agency anchored by multiple niche industry programs.  In April of 2011, the agency connected with Perry Grant of Iroquois South and conducted a deep dive into how an Iroquois partnership could benefit the agency through enhancing revenue and agency value.
The principals of the agency, Paul Megginson, Guy Warren and Bob Ganz, did their due diligence and reached out to existing Iroquois members to vet the opportunity.  What they found was that Grant and Iroquois South were indeed delivering on their value proposition to members.  It didn’t take long for the agency to move forward with Iroquois, and today they are one of Iroquois South’s largest partnerships.
RMP has taken advantage of Iroquois’ Market Alliance program with 12 of their carrier relationships, and generated significant revenue gains in doing so.  Grant still remembers profit sharing season in 2015 when he delivered his largest check ever to the agency.  Per Perry, “It was wonderful to deliver a check that was more than 50 percent  greater than the agency would have earned with the carrier on their own.  When our teams synch up like we have with RMP, the potential is really unlimited.”

Since joining Iroquois, the agency has enhanced its revenue.  Yet, the partnership with Iroquois extends beyond the financial components. According to Megginson, “We don’t hesitate to call Perry and the Iroquois team to draw on their deep carrier relationships, resources and market knowledge.  On more than one occasion, the Iroquois team advocated with carriers for our agency and we benefited with favorable resolutions to issues.  The Iroquois team is always ready to help whenever they can and we gain the advantage of their strength in the market.”

The Andrew Agency in Richmond

The Andrew Agency started from scratch in Richmond, Va., and joined The Iroquois Group in 2014. “We are a fast-growing agency writing profitable business. Our partnership with Iroquois allows us to qualify for profit-sharing and gain access to markets giving us a competitive advantage,” said agency president, Ryan M. Andrew. In 2014 the agency created a Market Alliance with several carriers, and in the spring of 2016, it received the highest profit-sharing bonus since inception. “Iroquois has allowed our agency to reach new levels and we greatly value our partnership,” said Mr. Andrew.

Scott Hoffman and Chris Zockoll of Platinum Risk Management

insurance network
Scott Hoffman and Chris Zockoll began their insurance careers with Allstate. Scott sold the largest Allstate agency west of the Mississippi in 2009 and went on to build a second successful agency with AAA.  In 2012 Scott and Chris decided to build an independent agency from scratch and they chose Iroquois to help them.  “I don't think we could've started as successfully as we did without the Iroquois relationship,” said Chris.  “I know for a fact that we could not have received the year-end bonuses that we did without the Iroquois relationship. “
Regional Manager John Maurer is equally pleased with his relationship with Scott and Chris.  “This agency reached Level 1 of the PartnerPlan in 2 ½ years from scratch, and the exciting part is they are just getting started,” said John.  “They said from the beginning they would be my largest member agency in Iroquois Southwest and they are well on their way.”
Through John, Iroquois was able to provide markets, producer financing and special new business incentives.
“The Iroquois Group has been a successful partnership and we look forward to many more years of success as we work together in developing our agency. I recommend without reservation John Maurer and The Iroquois Group as a serious option in achieving maximum success in the property-casualty world,” said Chris.

David Miller and Gene Siracusa of Insurance Agencies, Inc

Insurance Agencies, Inc of Northfield, NJ is a combination of five independent agencies that date back as far as 1879.  The agencies combined over the years to build scale, efficiency and profitability; and Insurance Agencies now has total premium in excess of $50 million.

“We first spoke with Ken Bull at Iroquois back in 2007 but the timing wasn’t right for us to join”, says agency principal, David Miller. Then in 2010 the agency bought Iroquois member Frank J. Siracusa & Son agency and from their experience with Iroquois saw how beneficial membership could be.  Beginning with a few Market Alliances to increase revenue, the newly combined agency added new markets over the next few years and created more Market Alliances. They are currently considering an additional Market Alliance in 2015.  Insurance Agencies, Inc is now a Pinnacle Plan, Level 1 member under Iroquois’ Preferred Member Agreement.

“Iroquois fits in well with our agency,” says agency principal, Gene Siracusa.  “Their strong national relationships with several of our core carriers have further enhanced our relationships with them. We benefit from Iroquois’ national clout.” 

“We like that Iroquois is supportive and yet transparent,” says Kim Bassford, Commercial Lines Manager.  “You facilitate our carrier relationships but don’t interfere with them. We like working directly with our carriers while having Iroquois in the background.”

Bruce Swayze of Weymouth, Swayze, and Corroon Insurance Inc.

Bruce Swayze became involved with Iroquois 5 years ago when he and Dick Corroon, owner of Iroquois member agency Corroon & Associates, decided to merge their agencies to form Weymouth, Swayze, and Corroon Insurance of Centerville, DE.  This mid-sized agency has a fairly equal mix of personal and commercial lines.

“I knew of Iroquois by reputation and thought I understood the concept, but some things don’t always turn out as good as they appear on paper,” said Swayze.  “I found out that Iroquois was every bit as good as it appeared on paper.”

Through Iroquois the agency was able to access and support more carriers than they could have on their own. “Over the years we had also generated excellent loss ratios with several carriers but at premium levels below their profit sharing thresholds.  We were able to tap into Iroquois’ very significant profit sharing with these companies to substantially increase our total agency revenue.”

Bruce points to producer training opportunities as another benefit of their Iroquois membership.  “And (Regional Manager) Lindy Bane has been a tremendous resource for us,” said Bruce.  “His knowledge of overall market conditions and the carrier’s appetites and capabilities are very helpful.”

When asked how he would advise another agent considering joining a network, Bruce said “I would definitely put Iroquois on the top of the list.”

Jonathan Nelson of ISA, Asheville, N.C.

Insurance Service of Asheville, or ISA, was founded in 1958 by James Stickney in Asheville, NC. Today, Jim’s son Jimbo and daughter Mary Alice are the primary owners of this agency with approximately $17 million in P&C premium.  The agency is a key player in the Western North Carolina market and has a very noteworthy and longstanding client in the Biltmore estate.

Jonathan Nelson, independent insurance agent“We joined Iroquois for three primary reasons,” said Jonathan Nelson, part owner and manager of their commercial lines division. “First was the opportunity for increased revenue, primarily through greater profit sharing.  We created a Market Alliance with several of our core carriers and in the first year of our Travelers market alliance, Iroquois increased our revenue by almost $40,000!”

“The second reason we joined was for access to new markets, which included Berkley and C N A.  And lastly, Iroquois gave us these benefits without taking away our independence.  We still run our agency. Iroquois gives us ideas and incentives but we make all of the decisions.”

“One benefit we didn’t anticipate when joining Iroquois, “said Jonathan “was the opportunity to grow through the acquisition of two smaller Iroquois members.”

When asked what he would tell an agent considering joining Iroquois or another network, Jonathan said “I would tell them Iroquois has good people, they will help you with carriers and increased revenue, and you will keep your independence. There are no negatives.”